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Fairytail 1&2


 Model The Beautiful Ana

Make up artist  extraordinaire  Amelia from The  2 Makeupartists

Model Elvira

Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl

Black Elvira

Model beautiful Elvira

Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl

Make up Store Spellbound Show 1012

Fab Night whit hummer limmo champagne and goodiebags an fabulous  Friend Frida😀 at Makeup Stores Spellbound Show 1012

Competition time! Creative Retouch of Your Photo

I am so Inspired right now so i put together a little competition

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End 2012 09 15

at the floodgate (slussen)

On more Of Elvira at “Slussen” Love my Lensbaby

Some Color to shine up this Rainy days

Model Hellen

Photography and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

And if you want more Color I  Can Recommend  the Fabulous Photographer Frida Börjesson

“Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge” My entry



“Lensbaby 2012 Photo Story Challenge”

Model Elvira

Photography Styling Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

Haunted Fashion August 2012 feat Elvira

Haunted Fashion August 2012 feat Elvira

Photographer end edit Alexndra Ekdahl

no ones dream

music:  no ones dream

Photographer and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

Model Elvira

Grunge Heaven… first attempt


Video at Youtube… anyone know how to get it here!?  Frustrated

Comes a spirit all in white

Model Elvira

Photo and editing Alexandra Ekdahl

She killed my Jabberbabywocky?

Model Elvira

Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl

Stealthily the dark haunts round

Model Elvira

Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl

How weak and little is the light

Model Elvira

Photography & Retouch Alexandra Ekdahl


Modell Vackra Elvira

Fotograf Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm

Model Beautiful Elvira

Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl Sweden

Sand White

My Beautiful Fabulous Girl

Älskde Dotter <3

Fotograf Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm Sweden

Little One. Featured Twice <3 This Week

Min bild denna veckas igen 🙂  ‘Weekly Showcase’ på TheIphoneArts.com

On of my photos selected as This weeks ‘Weekly Showcase’ at  TheIphoneArts.com this week to 😀

And Featured On Redbubble 8 August

‘Weekly Showcase’

Min bild denna veckas  ‘Weekly Showcase’ på TheIphoneArts.com

On of my photos selected as This weeks ‘Weekly Showcase’ at  TheIphoneArts.com

Fairy in The Dark

Fotograf Stockholm Alexandra Ekdahl

Photographer Stockholm Alexandra Ekdahl

Some Pics To Catch up whit some Ill been doing…

Some Random Artworks from my mobil 😉 dark horror grungy…

Fotograf Stockholm Alexandra Ekdahl

Photographer Stockholm Alexandra Ekdahl


Location Vinterviken Fotograf/Photographer Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm

Dags för lite nya plåtningar när jag börjar gräva i gammalt material 😉

Black and White Wedding Portrait

Fotograf stockholm Photographer sweden Alexandra Ekdahl
Fotograf stockholm Photographer sweden Alexandra Ekdahl

Black and White Wedding Portrait

Svart vitt Bröllops Porträtt

Fotograf/Photographer and retuch, Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm

Lucky Ellen Some more

Kids Fashion From Lucky Ellen In Sweden and New Phil

Barnkläder från Lucky Ellen In Sweden och New Phil

Photographer/Fotograf  and retuch Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm

Bright-Eyed Dolls

De söta kläderna kommer ifrån Lucky Ellen

La La Land….

Dress and Jeans From Lycky Ellen

Textures from GreenDangersStock and Alegion-stock


Amy II

Model Amy Cedervall From Fading Beauties

Makeup By Hanne Evhammar

Location Park Folketshus

Cool Cats (On doggy island)

Kläder från Lucky Ellen

Fotograf/photographer digital artist Alexandra Ekdahl Stockholm



Model From Fading Beauties

Makeup By Hanne Evhammar

Instagram pics

Mobilbilder har jag på Instagram i vanliga fall men de här ville jag visa här 😀 andvändarnamn photosbyalexandra 

Usually I show my mobile pics on Instagram.. Usename photosbyalexandra

The Beautiful Decay

Fotografering med Lennart,  Louise och Djibbie på Park folkethus Klänningen av  Sebastian Löjdkvist Redigering och foto Alexandra Ekdahl

Photoshoot whith LennartLouise and Djibbie at Park folkethus. Dress by Sebastian Löjdkvist Edit and photo Alexandra Ekdahl

Model Sandra Joan Raven Cole

Styling Aysha Jones Ceesay

Photography and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

Cortège de Bacchus

Model Sandra Joan Raven Cole

Styling Aysha Jones Ceesay

Photography and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl



You used to be much more…”muchier.” You’ve lost your muchness

Model Sandra Joan Cole

Styling Aysha Jones Ceesay

Photography and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

The Mad Hatter/Lewis Carroll

“The” Alice?

Model Sandra Joan Cole

Styling Aysha Jones Ceesay

Photography and Edit Alexandra Ekdahl

Titel The Cheshire Cat/Lewis Carroll

The Piano

Fotografering med  Louise och Djibbie på Park folkethus Klänningen av  Sebastian Löjdkvist

Photoshoot whith Louise and Djibbie at Park folkethus. Dress by Sebastian Löjdkvist



Model/Artist Sandra Joan Cole

Styling /Design Aysha Jones Ceesay

Location Park Folketshus


Window light


The Bangalore exhibition

 “Swedish photographer Alexandra Ekdahl’s soft-lighted portraits are beautiful and imaginative. She captures the carefree innocence of a child and the delicate, sensual and majestic beauty of a woman in different photographs. Her gold patches set against a reddish-brown grainy texture add more charm.” / The Hindu 22/3


Gallerie Renaissance the 19th to 23rd of March 2012.

I exhibit some of my work at Gallerie Renaissance  the 19th to 23rd of March 2012. Bangalore India

Jag ställer ut ett litet urval av mina bilder på Gallerie Renaissance mellan den 19e och den 23 Mars. I Bangalore India

I’m sorry I cant be there this time but hope that somebody can take some pictures for me at the exhibit?

So Fashion So Aysha, ~Pink & Purple~ at Stockholm Fashion week 2012


Event: Stockholm Fashion Week by SoFashion-SoAysha
Foto: Alexandra Ekdahl
Stylist: Aysha Jones Ceesay
Makeup: Angelica Svenman
Hår: Matafs hair studios
Boutique Cleopatra
Belle Shoes
Designer Iman Aldebe & Sebastian Löjdkvist
Catering: Kulinarisk Catering
Dekoration: Bröllopsdekor
Agenturer: CosModels och Mady Models








Porträtt Portraits

Two very different portraits, that I think is beautiful in there own ways

Photographer and Retush: Alexandra Ekdahl

Assisting and Model Coach Julia Winqvist

 Styling: Aysha Jones

Model: Amanda Cosmodels

Model: Model: Singer Songwriter Sandra J. Cole

Makeup: Camilla Karlsson






Sandra J. Cole

Photographer and Retush: Alexandra Ekdahl

Assisting and Model Coach Julia Winqvist

 Styling: Aysha Jones

 Model: Singer Songwriter Sandra J. Cole

 Makeup: Camilla Karlsson


El Diablo vs Fireball

Models Linnea from Cosmodels & Djibrilo Djalo Dress by Sebastian Löjdkvist Make up and Hair Amelia Cazorla Location El Diablo Photo and Retush Alexandra Ekdahl (Me)Produkt Fireball



Color me Crazy

Model Linnea Cosmodels

At Hotel Scandic Malmen

Photo and Retush Alexandra Ekdahl (Me)

Assistant and Model Coach Julia





Probably she would have died as the witch had prophesied

Model Linnea from Cosmodels

Dress by Sebastian Löjdkvist

Photo and Retush Alexandra Ekdahl (Me) &  Julia

Location At Hotel Scandic Malmen






El Diablo

Models Linnea from Cosmodels &  Djibrilo Djalo

Dress by Sebastian Löjdkvist

Make up and Hair Amelia Cazorla

Location El Diablo

Photo and Retush Alexandra Ekdahl (Me)



Dare To Dream



Dare To Dream

Let nothing hold you back from
exploring your wildest fantasies,
wishes, and aspirations.
Don’t be afraid to dream big
and to follow your dreams
wherever they may lead you.
Open your eyes to their beauty;
open your mind to their magic;
open your heart to their possibilities.

Dare to dream.
Whether they are in color
or in black and white,
whether they are big or small,
easily attainable or almost impossible,
look to your dreams,
and make them become reality.
Wishes and hopes are nothing
until you take the first step
towards making them something!

Dare to dream,
Because only by dreaming,
will you ever discover
who you are, what you want,
and what you can do.
Don’t be afraid to take risks,
to become involved,
to make commitment.
Do whatever it takes to make
your dreams come true.
Always believe in miracles,
and always believe in you!

~ Julie Anne Ford ~